Two remote one Wireless detector alarm

Two remote one Wireless detector alarm


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Electro Guard Watch The remote detective system

* Ideal for front door, window frame, driveways, walk-paths & anywhere you need.

* Knowing your family members who are leaving and coming.

*Helps detect unwanted people.

* Find out when someone has come.

* Prepare a surprise greeting for visitors


Detector Area 100 fit + 360 degree to Siren to both sensor.   




Follow the steps for usage-

-- Place the correct batteries in the detector & in the receiver units.

-- Make sure the batteries have been put in the proper   positions.

-- Mount the detector prop early by the front door, window frame, driveway, walk path,backyard or anywhere you need.

-- Then switch on the receiver and adjust the volume to either hi or lo position.

-- Now the remote detective system is operating with the infrared detector technology

-- Place the receiver in an easy to reach place.

-- When the detector senses motion, the receiver will make audible sound& the LED light will flash. 

-- Please wait for 30 seconds after switching  detective &receiver to activate 

-- Please install both units 3 feet  above ground level for optimal performance.




 Do not place the detector in areas where  the wind will move it. Also try to keep the detective in a clear path to the receiver, so that you can get optimal performance.


Care&maintenance portion`` 

* Important please keep the detector & receiver in sheltered places to avoid contact of both units from water and direct sunlight.

* When the LED indicator does not go on, the battery power is ether low or dead At that time you should change the batteries. 

* Clean the detective  regularly with a damp cloth to avoid blockage of sensor by dirt or any small particles.

* Try to keep it in areas where it will not get wet . In addition, during heavy    storms& snowfalls, it is recommended that  unit should be moved indoor or in a safe place.

* Never attempt to take apart the units.

* When the units in not in use, take out all batteries, clean both units and store the units in dry, cool place. 

* This device is not a toy and should keep out of reach from children.



 Price: 2500 taka.



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