Remote controlled mini alarm

Remote controlled mini alarm


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Remote controlled min alarm with 2 remote controls:

Wireless pir infrared Motion sensor Detector with 2 Remote Controllers Home and shop office alarm systems


*Wireless, infrared detector, activated

*Accurate identification,5s owner identification signaling delay

*Range of multi-channel wireless remote control

*Adjustable mounting block

*Includes 2 direct remote controls; please use it directly with the sensor


Device Features:  

*Accurate identification, 5s owner identification signaling delay

*Range of multi-channel wireless remote control

*Adjustable mounting block

*Wireless infrared detector, activated


* 110dB siren 

* Remote control distance: about 0-4m (Upon space)

* Detection range: 15 foot 

*Operating voltage: direct current 6v

*Motion detection power from 4AA batteries 

*Size: you can see the details video 

*Color: White

Installation Requirements:

* The warning device on the control panel of the infrared range of protection must be able to  look straight, there can be no obstacles.

*Installation of warning devices near an infrared heat source, such as a hot and cold air outlet, should be avoid. 

*There should be a 20-30 degree angle between the wall and the remote control of the infrared warning devices:

You can adjust the detection distance according to the actual mounting angle.

*Waring device as a remote control infrared lens in human lateral movement with respect to the most sensitive

Infrared detection and vertical motion sensitivity are poor, so when installing you should pay  attention to the angle of  inclination 

Between horizontal and high detectors, which are of great importance to shock protection.

price/1500 Taka


System of use:

-- Turn on the power switch the , the power indicator Twinkle 1 time, said that the self test  is normal.

-- 15secund waiting detector, you must leave your detective zone at 15 secund

-- after 15secund , if there is someone who comes who comes to the detective area, it will delay for 5 second  to give you the opportunity to show that 

You are the owner with the remote control.

After 5second , he will be based on 30secund  if he does not receive any  signal. 

-- You can close the buzz using the remote control Cross stitch Pakage Includes;

1pis Infrared detector

2pis Remote controls

1pis Adjustable mounting block    




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